We’re Actually Here in Northwestern Ontario


A quick Google search of “Thunder Bay injury lawyer” or “Northwestern Ontario injury lawyer” will bring up more Toronto firms than actual Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario firms.  Other firms claim to have lawyers (and offices) in Thunder Bay, but actually don’t.  A website stating “Thunder Bay lawyer” doesn’t make you a Thunder Bay lawyer.  Neither does an “office” in Thunder Bay that’s really just a phone number.

We’re here in Thunder Bay (all of us!) and we travel all over Northwestern Ontario.

We recently did a quick office survey to make a list of all the places where we’ve had clients over the years.  It turned out to be a really long list and it keeps growing and growing.  Northwestern Ontario is vast and beautiful and we’ve seen a lot of it.

Here is an alphabetical list of places where we’ve helped people:


Cat Lake FN


Eabametoong FN (Fort Hope)

Ear Falls


Fort Frances

Fort Severn FN

Fort William FN







North Caribou Lake FN


Pic River FN

Pickle Lake

Pikangikum FN

Red Lake

Red Rock

Rocky Bay FN

Seine River FN


Sioux Lookout

Terrace Bay

Thunder Bay

Wabauskang FN

Being here in Northwestern Ontario means that we understand people from Northwestern Ontario.  We understand the challenges that we face “up here” (including the fact that many people from Toronto think that we’re in North Bay).   We understand what people from Northwestern Ontario are faced with when they are injured or when their insurance company denies their benefits.  We understand the difficulties in finding and accessing proper medical care and treatment.  We have seen it before and we can help.