We’re in Downtown Port Arthur

You may not know this, but our law firm is located in the heart of downtown Port Arthur in Thunder Bay.


So not only can you grab a coffee and pretzel, buy some stylish clothes and luggage, check out some incredible local art, and get that tattoo you’ve been thinking about.  Now, you can also visit with your local Thunder Bay personal injury lawyers, which of course, is something we’re sure you’re all itching to do.


You can find us in the old Royal Bank building at the corner of Red River and Cumberland. Whether you’re in the neighbourhood and just want to say hello.  Or, you’re curious about the building that’s been under construction for the last 6 months.  Or, you’ve been in an accident and would like some advice, don’t hesitate to stop by.


We’re here to help, and though our coffee can’t compete with Espresso Joya, St. Paul, or Sweet North, it’s on the house.


A message from your friendly, local, Thunder Bay Personal Injury Law Firm.IMG_0438