Mental Health After Injury

This blog post is adapted from a Free Legal Information Friday from January 29, 2021. You can watch the video version HERE.

Picture this:  You’ve been in a car crash.  You’re hurt.  Your body is in pain.  You can’t go back to work.  Bills are piling up.  You’re healing, but, you’re not healing as fast as you had hoped.  You’re listening to the doctors, going to treatment, doing all of the things that you are supposed to be doing, but, you’re still in pain.

That physical pain that you are suffering is eventually going to turn into psychological pain.  Emotional pain.  You may be depressed.  You may be reliving the crash and having nightmares.  You may have PTSD.  You may be frustrated because life as you used to know it is no longer the same.  You would give anything to go back to the day before the crash.

In that situation, it is so important to get treatment.  Get counselling.  Get medication if needed.  The important part is to talk to someone.

Work benefit plans and  Automobile Accident Benefits (through your own automobile insurance company) cover counselling.

Some people are afraid of going to counselling.  Some people think it makes you weak (… especially guys).  But, we tell our clients “you need to go and talk to someone about your mental health”.  And, later, our clients tell us that talking to someone about their mental health made a huge difference in their lives.  For some people, it has literally saved their lives.

Remember to treat the injuries from not only the physical side, but, also the mental health side.