Common Surveillance Tactics Used By Insurance Companies

Usually, when surveillance is conducted by an insurance company, it’s done on an injured person and is set up by the insurance company that’s defending the case. There are various types of surveillance tactics used. 

They Follow You Around

The first kind is what people probably think of when they hear surveillance. It’s hiring a personal investigator to follow the plaintiff around. Think about a plaintiff that’s already in a difficult spot: they’re off work, they have chronic pain, they have psychological pain, now they have to worry about someone following them around. It can become really abusive.

They Ask Your Neighbours About You

The second way of conducting surveillance is an investigation where the investigator will try to get information about the plaintiff. There’s a couple ways to do that. One of the more common tactics is to go around the neighbourhood, knocking on doors and asking neighbours about the plaintiff.

They Search For You Online

The third type is cyber surveillance. Cyber surveillance is when an insurance company will look the plaintiff up on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere on social media. They could google the plaintiff’s name to see if they can find any information about his or her daily activities. In most cases, the insurance company will either hire someone to conduct the research or they’ll just do it themselves.

When Does It Work Against You? 

The only way surveillance actually hurts a plaintiff in a lawsuit is if the surveillance shows them doing something that they say they cannot do. For example, say I have an injured leg and can’t play soccer and they get surveillance of me playing soccer. That would be something that could hurt a plaintiff’s case. 

While surveillance doesn’t hugely affect insurance companies, they like to do it because they think it gives them some evidence. However, it does have a huge negative effect on the plaintiff’s psychological wellbeing. If you or anyone you know needs help as a result of their insurance company wrongfully denying or terminating their insurance claim, contact us today. We specialize in personal injury claims. Let us help you get fair compensation from your insurance company.