The Two Sides of Car Accident Compensation in Ontario

There is a lot to know about the legal system in Ontario when it comes to car accident injuries. What happens if you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident or collision and how do you get compensated? There’s two sides to this situation.

Your Insurance Company’s Role

The first side is through your own auto insurance company, through the no fault benefits or Statutory Accident Benefits. These are benefits that everyone has as part of their automobile insurance that covers certain things if they’re injured in an automobile accident. Your own insurance company will usually pay for certain things. They’ll pay for non-OHIP covered Medical and Rehab expenses. These include physiotherapy, chiropractic, counselling, and massages. These are subject to certain limits. They’ll also pay for an Income Replacement Benefit up to a whopping $400 a week maximum, if you’re off work as a result of your injuries from the accident. They’ll pay for some other things as well like attendant care if you’re in a situation where you’re more seriously injured and you need attendant care. 

The At Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

The other side of it is if we have an at fault driver, you could also have a claim against the at fault driver’s insurance company. It’s their insurance company that will be paying the claim or paying for the damages. That claim is for everything that’s not covered from your own insurance company. So, things like pain and suffering which are subject to limits and the income loss over and above that $400 a week that you can get from your own insurance company. 

How to Seek Compensation

Basically, those are the two sides and they come with a lot of limitations. One side from your own insurance company and the other side from the insurance company for the at fault driver. You need the right legal team to stand up for your rights, and get you the help you need. So, if you have any questions about this or need to consult with a personal injury lawyer at our law firm, we’re here at White Macgillivray Lester to help you. Plus, our consultations are free!