Is my insurance company allowed to treat me poorly?



You have paid for insurance.  Insurance is supposed to provide you with peace of mind.  Therefore, your insurance company owes you “a duty of the utmost good faith” (and you owe the same to them).  This means that you and your insurance company have a duty to “play nice” with each other.

When dealing with your insurance company, there is a massive power imbalance.  They are a rich corporation.  You are the “little guy”.  Your insurance company is not allowed to take advantage of that power imbalance.  The duty of the utmost good faith means that they must treat you absolutely fairly.

Practically-speaking, this means that your insurance company must:

  • Return your phone calls or emails on a timely basis
  • Explain any complicated forms
  • Clearly explain any denial decision that they have made
  • Provide you with details of how they have made their decision
  • Provide you with copies of documents in their possession
  • Provide you with a copy of the insurance policy (on your request)
  • Hire competent and unbiased medical assessors

Unfortunately, many of the items on the above list are routinely violated by insurance companies.

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