Our personal injury lawyers are here to help you or a family member when it comes to car accident law. Whether it is an accident involving a car, a truck, a motorcycle, a snowmobile or an ATV, it is our job to:


Help to put your life back together.


Ensure that your automobile insurance company treats you fairly..


Ensure that you are fairly compensated by the automobile insurance company for the at-fault driver.

Insurance companies are multi-million (or billion) dollar entities. You need the right team of injury lawyers to stand up to the insurance companies.

Practicing in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario gives us an advantage over companies that are not located in the community. Knowing the landscape is important. We know the doctors, the treatment providers, and the rehabilitation teams. We understand the challenges faced by car accident injury victims in this part of the province.

There are various articles on our site regarding this issue. Topics covered include auto insurance benefit cuts and who pays for personal injury damages among others. Please refer to the links below to learn more.

Remember: We offer free consultations for car accident law. And, you do not pay unless we are successful. Contact us today by phone or fill out a contact form on our site.


There is a $40,000 deductible on ‘pain and suffering’ in motor vehicle collision cases.

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