Why Have Auto Insurance Benefits Been Cut? Follow the Money

As of June 1, 2016, the no-fault benefits that come with the standard Ontario automobile insurance policy have been slashed.  The biggest and most drastic cuts have come to benefits for victims with the most serious, “catastrophic” injuries, like severe brain injuries, paralysis and amputations.  Those benefits have been cut by 50% or more.

When insurance benefits disappear, the “cost” of those horrific injuries falls on the public system (OHIP, ODSP, etc.).  Instead of private insurance companies, who have profited from people paying for mandatory insurance for years and years, paying for medical and rehabilitation treatment and care, instead it falls to the taxpayer.

Why?! The cynical point to this fact:  the insurance industry is one of the biggest political donors in Ontario.  Insurers have cried poor and asked (and paid) the government for help.  In return, benefits are slashed.  Insurers win.  The government wins.  Taxpayers and injury victims lose.

What can you and I do?  Talk to your MPPs.  Show the politicians that people care about this issue.  Cutting benefits for those most in need is cruel and unfair.  Large corporations are profiting off of illusory coverage.  We, the public, are left paying for mandatory insurance that has been decimated AND the increased costs to the public health and welfare system.

It won’t change unless people do something about it.